"Children and youth in foster care have the right to be treated with respect regardless of age, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, religious beliefs, family relations or family history."
Read the Utah Foster Care Bill of Rights
Child and Family Services works to support youth at risk of exiting foster care without a permanent home. The Transition to Adulthood Living (TAL) program utilizes a network of organizations for youth ages 14 to 21, and offers services including academic mentoring, financial planning, career preparation, and limited financial assistance.
COVID funds available to current and former foster youth up to age 27

Congress has granted DCFS more than $2 million in COVID-19 grant funding to help:

  • Youth 14 and older who are still in foster care
  • Youth 18 and older regardless of exit reason if they were in foster care after age 14

This funding can serve qualifying former foster youth up to their 27th birthday. This change will revert back to their 23rd birthday starting Oct 1, 2021. DCFS can help with housing, transportation, basic needs, technology & more.

Former foster youth also qualify to voluntarily re-enter foster care up to their 22nd birthday.  This change will end Sep 30, 2021.