DCFS Youth Services offer a continuum of services for youth ages 14 and up transitioning from foster care to adult living. The goal of the program is to provide a strong foundation for success through a private/public network of organizations that assist youth through academic mentoring, career preparation, financial planning, basic life-skills training, health education and risk prevention, job training, and limited financial assistance.

National studies on kids aging out of foster care show by the time they are 21:

  • 22% had fathered or given birth to a child
  • 24% were jailed or had committed a crime
  • 90% had a substance abuse issue at some point in their life
  • 37% reported they had been homeless at some point in their life
  • Have lower math and reading skills and only half complete high school
  • Are more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system with a 19 percent rate of incarceration