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Adoption Program

All children deserve a permanent home. Adoption services are used when children in state custody can’t return to their original home. Children may be adopted by relatives, families who fostered them, or other families seeking to add a new family member. Finding a permanent and loving home where the child can be safe and thrive is always the goal.

Adoption assessments are done in a way that prepares and trains families to foster or adopt a child who has unique needs. Families and children are matched in an attempt to find the very best family for each child.

Adopted children may qualify for adoption assistance until they are 18 years old. The goal is to ensure a successful experience for both the child and the family.

Adoption agencies are licensed and must meet state laws, regulations, and other requirements when placing a child for adoption. Utah laws regulating adoption may be found on the DCFS policy page.

For additional information, see Children Waiting For Adoption at Utah’s Adoption Connection website.

Adoption Transitions

As children move from foster care to adoption, important issues must be covered.  See our Adoption Practice Guidelines, which include Sections 401.8 Matching the Child and Adoptive Family and 401.8a Contact Between Adopted Child and Birth Family Member.

Additional Resources

For information on becoming a foster parent, visit see the Utah Foster Care website.

Information is also available from the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Additional information on adoptions and children waiting to be adopted is available at The Adoption Exchange.  The Exchange provides general information on how to adopt a child, how to begin the process, and costs.

Information on licensed adoption agencies is available at the Office of Licensing, Adoption Agencies web page.