Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA)

ACLSA Codes:

        Salt Lake Region = UTDCFS18        

Northern Region = UTDCFSN

     Eastern Region = UTDCFSE        

Western Region = UTDCFSW 
Southwest Region = UTDCFSSW

Youth ID = Seven-digit SAFE ID

The youth and caregiver(s) must use the same Youth ID and enter the same email address in the "Matching E-mail Address" section on the Login Information page. The caseworker’s email will be used in the “Matching E-mail Address.” The Matching Score Report is emailed to the caseworker immediately after the caregiver(s) and youth complete the assessment. The Score Report is sent in the email as a PDF attachment.
The caregiver’s assessment and youth’s assessment must be completed and entered on the ACLSA website within 42 days of each other or the ACLSA website will be unable to match the youth and caregiver’s.