SAFE/CARE Interface Training Manual

By Doug Call, SAFE Project Team

October 23, 2008

SAFE users will now be able to locate and download a Juvenile Court # from the Court CARE system into SAFE.  They will also be able to access court hearing information, and view and print Court Orders.

Copying a Child/Youth’s Juvenile Court # from the CARE System to SAFE.

To locate and copy the Juvenile Court # for a Child/Youth that is, or has been in DHS/DCFS custody, or has had a petition filed in the Juvenile Court:

Juvenile Court Number Characteristics

“The Juvenile Court # that you entered already exists for another Youth please obtain the correct Juvenile Court # from the CARE system and reenter.  Please be aware that only the Foster Child on a SCF case and one Child Client on a PSS case are required to have a Juvenile Court number in SAFE.  The court may or may not assign a Juvenile Court Number to all of the children in a family. “ 

Locating Other Juvenile Court Information in SAFE 

Juvenile Court information to include: Hearings, Incidents, Dispositions, Court Ordered Items, Conclusions of Law, Related Persons, Account Summaries and Court Orders may now be accessed in SAFE via the new “Court” tab located on the Person Window. 


Juvenile Court Hearing Information View

The header section of the Court tab remains the same for the four available views and displays the following:

Juvenile Court Hearing Information View – Middle Section

The default view upon selecting the Court tab is Juvenile Court Hearing Information and consists of the following information:

Juvenile Court Hearing Information View – Bottom Section

Since more than one youth may be involved in a specific hearing, this section allows a user to select a specific Youth that they want Incident description information on.

Juvenile Court Incident History View – Middle Section

When the Juvenile Court Incident History radio button is selected all Incidents for the Youth are retrieved with their associated Dispositions, Items and Conclusions of Law with the following associated information:

Juvenile Court Incident History View – Bottom Section

Related Persons View

In this view you are able to view all information about persons that the courts has documented as being related to the Child/Youth whose name appears in the header of the Person window.  The following information about each person will be displayed:

Account Summary

This view shows the total number of Dollars, Hours, Items and Miscellaneous Fees that the Child/Youth has been ordered by the court to pay or complete.

Juvenile Court Interface Access

Access to the Juvenile Court tab of the Directory window and to the Court tab in the Person window will be granted as follows:

Who will have Access

Does not currently have Access

This training manual covers Phase 1 of the SAFE/CARE Interface and shows SAFE users how to access CARE information included in this phase. 

We are now in the process of identifying added functionality for Phase 2 of this Interface and encourage you to let us know what additional data or features that you would like included in our next SAFE/CARE release.  Please contact Doug Call via email, with your recommendations.